Jun. 1st, 2012

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Most of you already know that [livejournal.com profile] hd_smoochfest has begun posting! WOOT!  We opened with one of the longest fics because it is awesome.  READ IT!!!!  I can't wait until the guessing poll to see how many of you figure out who wrote it.  BWAHAHAHA  There was some discussion about breaking up the longer fics, but I'm feeling lazy this year and plan to post them in one long lump. 

Also, there will be no rhyme or reason to the posting schedule due to my WTF? schedule these days, so check back frequently or track the comm to get notifications.

In other news, I had a surprise visit from [livejournal.com profile] katelinmr yesterday.  Mostly surprise on her part because our mutual friend, Ginger Bishie, was conspiring with me to glomp her on the train.  :D  Hiiii, Katelin!  Hope you're having a good time in Seattle!  We need to wean her away from Starbucks and point her towards more awesome coffee.  I think GB is working on that.  It's always fun to meet fangirls and talk fic, fic, fic!  And art.  And fandom. *waves banners*

Facebook SIMS has a quest with WINGS as a prize.  I AM FREAKING OBSESSED.  *CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK*  Stupid bastard stupid game.  I do NOT have time for this.  But... I MUST GET THE WINGS. 

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, FOR MY LOVELY BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!!  I will make a specific THANKY post hopefully tomorrow.


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