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 Hi everyone!  This was my Original Fiction journal, created before I knew LJ was going to have issues.  Now it's more of an LJ backup in preparation for the day that LJ implodes. *sigh*[personal profile] cheryldyson

*waves at Adam/Stephen fans*


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The holidays are coming (YES, THEY TOTALLY ARE I DON'T CARE IF IT'S JULY) and I had this amazing idea!  Did you ever think, "Oh, I want to get [livejournal.com profile] thatonefriend a gift, but I don't know what they like."?????  ME, TOO.  So, I want everyone in fandom to copy/paste the information below into a comment and fill it out.  That way, if anyone ever wants to get you something, they can come back to this post, which I will tag every way imaginable so you can find it, and just do a search for your username.  SOUND LIKE A GOOD IDEA?  Also, this post is for EVERYONE.  You don't have to be on my friend's list, you don't have to be in my fandom(s), you can
wander in here from some random place and add your name and come here to search whenever you like.

Feel free to make any changes you like.  These are your preferences.  HAVE FUN!  I'll even start.
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Updated May, 2011 to make it prettier.

Dyson's PDF DOWNLOAD PAGE!  Beware, the big one is about 1500 pages.
Alternate download page HERE.

Dyson's AUDIOFIC DOWNLOAD PAGE.  A random selection of fics that nice people have podficced for me.

Almost all my fics:  Cheryl's FFNET Page 
Dyson's fics at Archive of Our Own for easier reading of serial fics - it groups them nicely.

Dyson's website: Dyson's Site
Dyson's original fantasy novel:  XC PUBLISHING
Dyson's original m/m fiction on Dreamwidth HERE

Dyson's Recipe Blog on BLOGSPOT.

MY FRIENDING POLICY:  I friend everyone, so don't worry about commenting or whatnot.  Just friend me and I will friend you back!  And welcome!  (I only unfriend people who make HUGE LONG posts without an LJ-cut, so if you're new, please learn what that is and how to use it.)

If you're new here, you might want to check out the H/D FANDOM - AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE to get started!
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Since I'm supposed to be feverishly working on my novel, of course my brain says, "LOLNO" and makes me write 8k of porn, instead.

*sigh*  At least it's wordstuff, right?  Oh well, I know this one is WAAAAAAAY overdue.  It also hasn't been even vaguely beta'ed, so please to be pointing out all inconsistencies and errors.  *deputizes all of you as betas*  BWAHAHAHA

Also, THANK YOU to everyone that game me lovely virtual cookies at Halloween!  *snuggles you all*  I forgot to mention that previously.  I love my v-gifts. :D  Anyway, ON TO THE FICCAGE.

A Not-So-Secret Pastime )

Yeah, this will need to be continued. *cough*
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It occurred to me, since the holidays are COMING, and since we have such AMAZING AND TALENTED PEOPLE here, I should make a post PIMPING YOUR STUFF.  I'll post-date this so it stays at the top of my journal with the FANDOM WIDE GIFT POST.  (If you haven't filled that out, be sure to do so.  Also, feel free to edit or delete and update your old one to stay current.  ALSO, if someone gets a wild hair and feels like turning that into a SORTABLE GOOGLE DOC, that would be AMAZING.) 

This has now become a list.

LOOK HOW SPARSE MY LIST IS!  I NEED MORE THINGS!  So, if you are an author, artist, crafter, or other person with something to sell *snicker* comment here and I'll add you to the list!!!  I'll turn it into a sortable document for easy gift-searching.  These items do not have to be fandom-related.  Leave me a link where people can buy your stuff and a description. 


*comments are screened for the humble and also because I am adding some of you whether you like it or not*
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Title: Ab Epistilus
Author: Autumn LeCroix
Rating: R
Words: 84,000-ly
Warnings: This will make you like letter-fics
Linkage: http://scarhead.net/viewstory.php?sid=3147
Alternate Link: There are no alternate links.  D: D: D:  Her ff.net and Skyhawke are both gone, so this is a case of GRAB AND SAVE THIS FIC BEFORE IT DISAPPEARS FOREVER.

Summary: Draco is 30, living in Edinburgh. Through a series of letters written back and forth between himself and his favorite author, Draco learns more about life than he thought possible and ends up forging an unexpected relationship.

This fic is a reader's delight.  I adore the way Draco is utterly in love with his BOOK to the point of knowing it backwards, forwards, and sideways.  And also how he falls half in love with the author before he discovers he already knows him quite well.  *beams* 

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This tiny ficlet was written for [livejournal.com profile] saras_girl as part of her wedding gifties.  :D  Just thought I'd post it here while it's still Autumn.

Autumn Leaves )
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Today is the last day to sign up for the SECRET SANTA GIFT EXCHANGE over at [livejournal.com profile] hd_seasons!  It's open to all fandoms and holidays - the idea was generated by a bunch of awesome H/D fangirls so we're hosting it on the H/D comm, but don't feel that you have to create an H/D gift to participate.  It is LOW PRESSURE to the point that if you want to send a simple postcard, stick figure, or drabble to your recipient, you can!  The point is merely to connect with other fandom people during the holidays when most of us are stressed and can use a smile.


*twirls everyone*

Also, [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays submissions are due SOMETIME THIS MONTH.  *cough*  Just sayin'. 

Note to self: Stop posting at 4am.  Drink moar coffee.
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HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm more excited than usual this morning because I found the plot outline for Book III of my original novel series and managed to shock myself with how freaking amazing it is.  Thank goodness I wrote it down because I had forgotten about six of the plot twists AND I came up with yet another one while reading it this morning.  *flails*  I forgot how much fun it is to write intricate plotlines.  SO AWESOME.  It makes me want to work on a smidge of an idea I have for a new M/M novel.  Now I know I need to RAMP UP THE PLOTTING.  BWAHAHAHAHA  :D :D :D :D :D  (Those of you following me on Facebook now know what prompted my epic levels of squee this morning.)  *twirls madly*

ANYWAY, I shall set aside my self-love for one moment in order to give you another rec, in case you haven't read this 500 times already.  THIS WOMAN NEEDS TO WRITE MORE THINGS, OMFG.  She usually tortures me with horrific levels of angst, but this fic is pure gorgeousness and she reined in her tendency to torture the boys.  I LOVE IT AND YOU WILL, TOO. 

Title: He Was He and I Was Bunny
Author: [livejournal.com profile] bryoneybrynn
Rating: NC-17
Words: 37,000 ish
Warnings: Epic levels of CUTE.
Linkage: http://small-gardens.livejournal.com/tag/he%20was%20he%20and%20i%20was%20bunny
Alternate Link: http://www.thehexfiles.net/viewstory.php?sid=11491

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HELLOOOOOOO, EVERYONE!!!!  REMEMBER ME?  *crickets*  Yeah, LJ has been pretty dead lately.  WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE??????  I assume most of you, like me, have had a recent LIFESPLOSION.  It's like an epidemic; everyone I know is ridiculously busy with just general LIFE THINGS.  School and kids and jobs and how-the-hell-can-we-squeeze-in-fandom-time???  I think those of us in the northern hemisphere are also spending as much time outside as possible before the hibernation period of winter begins.  I'm kind of looking forward to darkness and months of rain, seriously, because that's when I tend to cuddle up with the laptop and stop shuffling the kids from friends' to malls to school to appointments.  The girl will be DRIVING SOON, FINALLY.  Some people have that sadness/depression thing when their kids start growing up and get ready to leave the nest.  When mine were born I asked them, "When are you moving out?"  Every grownup milestone since then has been a celebration of ONE STEP CLOSER TO THEIR OWN APARTMENTS!  WOOOOHOOOOO!  I probably should have rethought that whole "motherhood" thing, but oh well.  It could also explain why my kids act more like my roommates than my children, BUT I DIGRESS LIKE A DIGRESSING THING THAT DIGRESSES.  *cough*

ON TO IMPORTANT MATTERS THAT MATTER.  Like [livejournal.com profile] hd_fan_fair.  GET OVER THERE AND START READING AND GIVE LOVESPLOSIONS TO THE AMAZING ARTISTS.  The art posted already is !!!!!  I haven't read the fics yet BUT I TOTALLY WILL. 

IMPORTANT THING THE SECOND:  THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Some of my co-conspirators and I had the brilliant idea of having an Secret Santa Exchange.  The idea is that anyone who wants to participate will throw their name in the pool.  I will randomly sort them out and hand out names, so each person will create one item for their giftee.  Here's the awesome part:  IT CAN BE ANYTHING AT ALL!  Fics, art, handmade crafts, food items, bracelets, smelling-good stuff, stick-figure drawings, ornaments, regional tourist items, postcards, etc.  It will be multi-fandom or no fandom, so don't feel left out if you're a lurking person who stumbled on this journal by accident.  :D  I'll be collecting the signup info at [livejournal.com profile] hd_seasons, so if you're not following that comm, DO IT NOW.  Addresses will be given only to your gifter, but if you're super-paranoid you can request only online items.  I'll probably keep it open until October 15th or so to give people time to make and mail stuff. 

There are MORE THINGS I need to blather about, but if I don't post this now it will be another week before I get to it.


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TODAY is the big day for Nat and Marie ([livejournal.com profile] saras_girland her darling) and I've opened up their supersekrit (from Marie) wedding wishes community for anyone that wants to leave them congratulatory messages.  Nat will be unveiling the comm to Marie on the 25th during their honeymoon, so there is still time to submit things.  :D

[livejournal.com profile] wedding_eels

*flails a lot*

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OUR BOYS ARE LOSING BY A GINORMOUS DEGREE.  WTF????  Is it because Teen Wolf is new and shiny?  :((((((((

Go give our boys some love and show them that H/D will not go quietly.  *waves H/D forever banner*

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A lovely reader on ff.net linked me to this site (and hey - a site I haven't seen before!) and alerted me that someone permanently borrowed my fic Draco: Phoenix Rising and claimed it for her own.  She even made cover art, of a sort.  *squints at it*

EDIT:  She took the fic down and deleted all the comments calling her out on her profile, but she's still active there so I'll be reporting her and keeping a CLOSE eye on her activities.  Her page:  http://www.wattpad.com/user/MissBlue336

The ORIGINAL cover banner art is so awesome I need to post it.  ISN'T IT PRETTY?

But I digress.  If you have an account at wattpad, would you mind report Miss Stealy McStealerpants?  Thanks!  I made screencaps to take it to [livejournal.com profile] stop_plagiarism.  Luckily, she didn't seem to have any other stories there.  For the curious, I originally posted this fic AS I WROTE IT, OMG, beginning in November 2006 when I was a fanfic noob.  *wipes nostalgic tear*  Linky:  http://www.fictionalley.org/authors/cheryl_dyson/DPR.html

ALSO, THERE ARE NOT MANY DAYS UNTIL THE AWESOME WEDDING OF [livejournal.com profile] saras_girl!!!!!

There is still time to submit stories, art, and well wishes at the SEKRIT wedding comm here:  [livejournal.com profile] wedding_eels

GO THERE NOW!  DO EEEEET!!!!  Also, hi!  I miss you guys!  I don't ship anyone on Teen Wolf. <--- lie of the decade

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We will not discuss what I've been doing all weekend.  Therefore, I shall distract everyone with a rec.  I know you guys have already read most everything [livejournal.com profile] faithwood ever wrote (I'll rec some of my longer favs of hers later down this list o' 100 recs) but every time I mention "the carwashing fic" I get blank stares.  THE CARWASHING FIC, OMG.  So here it is.

Title: Authenticity
Author: [livejournal.com profile] faithwood
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3,000 ish
Warnings: You might need some cold water for this one.  Or a towel.  XD
Linkage: http://faithwood.livejournal.com/108489.html
Alternate Link: no alternates known

Why I like it:  It's short, so I can read it over and over again, which I have.  I also love the boys all grown-up and GUUUUH Professor Draco.  Also, Harry is...  *incoherent flailing*  Yes.

Note: Since I can barely keep track of what I've recced already, I made a handy-dandy spreadsheet.  I think it's sortable.

Dyson's Fic Recs
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As I mentioned in my last maudlin post of woe, we had some AMAZING IDEAS come up at the convention when we were lamenting the inveitable time of parting from one another and crawling back to our regular lives and non-fandomy things.

And since some of them might seem crazy, I think it's only fitting to post them HERE.  So I have.  Feel free to comment, suggest, brainstorm, flail, or all things in between. 

Also, since one of the suggestions was having more meetups, etc, I am now pimping anyone and everyone's fandom meetups whenever they are suggested.

[livejournal.com profile] writcraft is hoping to plan two meetups, one in London and one in New York.  Details are HERE at her journal - it seems to be friend-locked, so if you have questions you can ask them here and she can point you to the correct place for discussion.  Feel free to also post your ideas and/or meetup suggestions at the Insaners community.  I think I got the posting permissions set to open.  *crosses finger*  I think [livejournal.com profile] phoenixacid is awake if there are technical difficulties.

*YAWNS*  I hate to post and SLEEP, but 4am is going to come bloody early tomorrow.  Off to bed!

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So, [livejournal.com profile] lubricus was amazing and now we can all go back to our regular lives with ALL THE SAD.  I know some of you reading this have never been to a convention or a fandom meetup and all I can tell you is that if you ever have the opportunity, you should DO IT.  There is something so incredible about hanging out with people who "get" you and this wonderful, bizarre, outwardly-strange world of fandom that we inhabit.  There is nothing quite like dropping your usual cautious filters and blurting out things you might never dare say in your day-to-day life.  (I say might because some of us are "filters, what filters?")  There is something indescribable about laughing until you hurt, talking about writing and art and fandom, discussing the strange juxtaposition of jobs, significant others, children, and whatever drives us to fandom and sticks some of us there like glue.  There is nothing like putting a name to a face, and to making connections where you never expected to make them.

A whole herd of teal deer here... )


I miss you guys.  :(
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ACK!  It's been forever since I've done this because I'm a horrendous waffler and couldn't pick my next one.  And then I remembered I've been wanting to reread this one.  It's my fav of hers and probably always will be.  :D  THE PROBLEM with recs, I have discovered, is that I start skimming the fic to find a bit to use as a teaser, and then I get sucked in and read the entire damn thing.  Which I just did with this one.  Starting two days ago.  *facepalm*

Title: A Reckless Frame of Mind (and sequel!)
Author: lomonaaeren
Rating: R (sequel is NC-17)
Words: 54,000
Warnings: Suicidal behaviour (with a purpose)
Linkage: http://lomonaaeren.livejournal.com/18120.html
Alternate Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3682349/1/A_Reckless_Frame_of_Mind

Be warned that you cannot read this without reading the sequel, A Determined Frame of Mind, found here:

or here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3759027/1/A_Determined_Frame_of_Mind
(That one is 100k, so prepare for some time investment.  IT'S WORTH IT.)

Why I love this:  I have such a THING for original magic and interesting, complex, or amazing spells and this one is a fucking doozy.  Even Hermione can't help because the spell itself keeps her from accepting that it's a spell.  (I have to admit I was forced to do a bit of "suspension of disbelief" there, because my personal head-canon would not allow Hermione to remain clueless about the spell for so long - she would never have been able to accept Harry's abrupt personality change, but since it was necessary for the progression of the fic, I had to go with it.)  Considering the sheer size and depth of this story, it's a miniscule thing to whinge about.

On to the amazingness.  DRACO.  *ALL THE HEARTS*  He is so very Draco at the beginning of this, utterly self-serving and determined to finally have something he can hold over Harry Potter.  And then there is HARRY.  *happy sigh*  Harry's desperation and is heart-wrenching, as is his near-brokenness that is so close to being complete.  Both of them are so incredibly strong - in completely different ways - that this fic pretty much defines why I love this pairing so much.  Harry is light and life and courage and pressing ahead despite all the odds, while Draco is subtlety and nuance and the unscrupulous utilisation of every possible advantage, yet with just as much determination as Harry possesses.  They complement each other so perfectly in this fic, I can't even.  I just love this story, okay?

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HELLO, EVERYONE!!!!  THIS POST IS PAST DUE!  WHY, YOU ASK?  Because I was supposed to have pimped hd-holidays last week, but GUESS WHAT?  There is still time to sign up.  YES, THERE IS.  AND YOU SHOULD.  BY CLICKING THE BANNER RIGHT NOW.  I'll wait.  *twiddles thumbs and surfs Tumblr for hot boy pics*  <---- yeah, right, I would never come back.

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] moonflower_rose for sending me some goodies whilst lounging around in Vegas, SO MUCH LOVE to [livejournal.com profile] saras_girl for the JAFFA CAKES (yes, there are some left, shocking, I know!) and piles of other amazing things of amazingness, and to adorable Deanne in Hawaii for the CUTE card and lovely message. 

What else?  I know there are other things, but my brain is like mushy wet toast right now.  Um... I'm getting ready for [livejournal.com profile] lubricus next month!!!!!  Can't wait to tacklehug everyone there!!!!

Here, have a silly ficlet.  :D  I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUUUUUUUCH!!!!  *twirls entires f-list* 

Street Fair ).
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Okay, HIIIIIIII, everyone!!!  *waves wildly*  As usual, I've been doing 2908750234760453 things and "POST SOMETHING ON LJ" keeps getting booted down the list, but I shall make time today because I miss you guys so muuuuuuch!  *CLINGS*

Now, on to THINGS.  So many things.  Let's see, what is first?  SMOOCHFEST REVEALS GO UP TODAY!  As soon as I do this post and then do a couple (dozen) other vital things, LOL!  BUT SOON!  I had cheesecake for breakfast, so that VERY VITAL THING is already done.  Cheesecake has priority.  (I think I'll put that on a shirt.)  :D

Um, next.  I have been writing, although a lot of it hasn't been fic related.  *hides*  I wrote an original story for a Goodreads fest thingy that was fun.  I couldn't resist the tied-up guy in the photo prompt, okay?  LOL!  I posted it on my Dreamwidth account, for anyone curious.  It's 17k, so not huge, but not quite tiny.  Linky:  HIDING MARIAH.

Oh and the second book of my original novel is FINALLY FREAKING DONE AND PUBLISHED AND OUT OF MY HANDS OMG.  That was quite stressful and only the massive levels of support from certain friends of mine kept me from having an epic meltdown.  Especially [livejournal.com profile] arineat, who basically pulled my figurative testicles out of the blazing fire at the last possible moment.  LOVE YOU, RINNY!!!  And also, [livejournal.com profile] twasadark, who got to deal with many frantic text messages at ridiculous o'clock whilst on vacation.  Also to faithwood for the beta.  *squishes*  ANYWAY, with that said, I now have a website and a book and second book and it's on Amazon and Smashwords and all over the damn place.  *falls over*  All I have to do now is write the third book.  *cries a little*

Also, I wrote a tiny fluff ficlet I wrote for a Facebook group I joined.  Who knew Facebook would have active fandom groups?  I still mostly use Facebook for SIMS, though, because addicting much???  *may or may not have spent many hours building beds for virtual boys to have sex on*  #noregrets  I'll post the ficlet in another post because LJ is being a whore and not letting me add it here.  *sigh*

WHAT ELSE?  Glompfest is on over at [livejournal.com profile] serpentinelion and there have been many works of awesome posted!  H/D Career Fair is coming, but you know that, along with H/D Artfest over at [livejournal.com profile] hd_fanart!  WOOT!  Can't wait for that. COME BACK FROM AVENGERS AND MERLIN, LOVELY ARTISTS!  *tempts with cheesecake*

Oh and speaking of other fandoms!  Rinny made a Multi-fandom love meme!!  Come give LOVE to everyone you know! 

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And the rest....

PART ONE (in case you missed it...)


Hiding Mariah Part Two )

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