May. 12th, 2012

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I'll get back to my recs as soon as I figure out what the next one will be.  SO MANY CHOICES!  Anyway, I was tagged by [ profile] shuga34 and I haven't actually posted a random question meme in awhile.

Rule 1 - Post the rules
Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4- Let them know you’ve tagged them!

  1. Do you believe in reincarnation? If yes, when have you lived?  Sometimes.  My beliefs tend to change from day to day, but I have felt deja-vu and once I had a dream that felt more like a memory.  I was living in a rather desolate village and had an older brother (?!) and it was raided by men on horseback who killed everyone and torched the place.  So, yeah, that might be one of the places if reincarnation is real.  LOVELY, ISN’T IT?  LOL!  I certainly was not royalty.  I also have an affinity for ancient Rome or Greece (peasant or slave there, probably) and the Scottish highlands.  It’s almost like a sense of recognition that I don’t feel for other places in the world – does that even make sense?
  1. What are your favorite pizza toppings?  Extra sauce, mushrooms and black olives.  I’ll eat just about anything on pizza, really.
  1. Cats, dogs or goldfish? Why?  I am NOT a pet person, thanks to growing up with a pet-obsessed father.  We had ALL THE ANIMALS growing up and I vowed to have nothing hairy in my life when I became an adult.  Plus I can barely keep my own children alive.  A pet would have no chance.  “It’s been three weeks – did anyone feed that animal-thing?”  I guess if I had to have a pet I would choose a cat because they are fairly self-sufficient and will claw their way outside and eat a bird if they have to.
  1. If Ty Pennington turned up on your doorstep with an offer for an Extreme Home Makeover, would you say "yes"?  No.  The taxes alone would bankrupt me.  I’ve seen way too many stories where they build these amazing houses for people who then cannot even afford the increased electric bills and end up having to sell.  I wouldn’t turn down a few gallons of paint, though.  :D
  1. What is your first memory of Kindergarten?  Colouring pictures and eating those molasses-type cookies shaped like windmills.  They still make those!  I saw some not too long ago and was instantly transported back to five years old.
  1. What was your best vacation ever?  Going to Dragon Con in Atlanta and meeting up with BFFs and seeing Tom Felton and just hanging out with awesome people.  A close second was going to Azkatraz in San Francisco and meeting fandom people for the very first time.  That was an amazing experience.
  1. Have you ever traveled outside of your country?  Only to Canada and Mexico.  This needs to be remedied.  Hopefully next year.
  1. Star Trek -- The Original Series or The Next Generation?  Wow, that’s actually a tough one.  I think I like TNG better because the writing seems more sophisticated.  I like the plots better, but I love love love the snarkiness of ToS, especially the interaction between Kirk, Bones, and Spock.  That doesn’t really happen in TNG.  I don’t see that level of chemistry between any of the cast members.
  1.  Have you ever met a celebrity? Who?  No.  I’ve seen Tom Felton, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and some other big names, but I’m not much of a star-chaser.  I just sort of nodded at Tom Felton from across the table.  No hand shaking or photo-ops.
  1. Glee or Smash?  I have never heard of Smash and not watched a single episode of Glee, so… neither?  XD
  1. Why ARE all the good men married, buried or gay?*  LOL!  I wish I knew, bebe.  I wish I knew.

Okay, wow, 11 people.  I’m taking the first 11 commenters from one of my posts.  BWAH!  That will teach you to talk to me.  :D  Let’s go with [ profile] citrus_lime, [ profile] ginger_veela, [ profile] skifazoa, [ profile] geneva2010, [ profile] vaysh11, [ profile] jtsbbsps_dk, [ profile] ellecc, [ profile] alisanne, [ profile] queenie_mab, [ profile] themostepotente, and [ profile] subtlefire


  1. What is your favourite fic (in any fandom) and why?
  2. Coffee or tea?
  3. Do you remember a special teacher?  Who and why?
  4. Have you been anywhere tropical?  If yes, would you want to live there or just visit?
  5. First book you can remember reading?
  6. Did you ever kiss anyone in the rain?
  7. Not including Halloween, have you ever dressed in costume in public?
  8. Tie preference:  Wide, narrow, string, bow or other?
  9. What colour and style are your underwear right now (assuming you are wearing them – yes, I had to go there)?
  10. Do you prefer a hard or soft mattress?
  11. Favourite board game?

Time to go do actual things now.  *glomps everyone*  And a random note:  If you ever send me a PM asking actual questions, please make sure you have your PM turned ON.  Makes replying kind of difficult otherwise.  JUST SAYIN'.

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