May. 5th, 2012

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So, it's my BIRTHMONTH and you're probably wondering why I haven't been FLAILING ABOUT IT LIKE THE COMPLETE LOON THAT I AM because I'm slightly obsessed with cake my birthday.  IT'S BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN DOING A LOT OF THINGS.

1) Coughing.  This has taken up the majority of my time for the past 30+ days and also sucked 90% of my motivation.  DNW.

2) Job Interview.  I got a random "We saw your resume..." ping and answered it and OMG I WANT TO WORK AT THIS PLACE SO BLOODY BADLY, I CAN'T EVEN.  *crosses all the things*  It would be so strange to work at a place with values again, rather than a company whose core qualities I find increasingly questionable.  One amusing moment during the interview: "There is a blogging site called Livejournal..." I had to literally clamp my jaw shut to avoid spilling my fannish guts all over the table.  *grin*  Instead I went for a vaguely interested, "ORLY?".  Of course, this place is totally savvy enough to simply Google me, so if that happens I'm outed anyway.  I am considering f-locking this entry because of that.  (I totally wrote f-licking right there, which I know some of you would be totally fine with, so... sign up for that if you like.)  *snickers*  My sole concession to separation of fandom/real life is to never mention the name of my place of employment online, just in case they don't want to be associated with my epic love of boys kissing boys.  There is no mention of my current employer on Facebook, Twitter, or any of my blogs.  As a random aside, there is another Cheryl Dyson that lives, not even kidding, a few miles from here.  I should track her down and introduce myself one day.  "HELLO, GOOD TWIN, NICE TO MEET YOU."  She would love that, I am sure.  XD  I said I considered f-locking this, but in the end I just can't and still feel like myself.  NEVER HIDE.  <--- have you seen that Ray Ban ad?  I will buy Ray Bans FOREVER now. <3  Wow, did that ever turn into randomness.  I love LJs new spoiler tags.

3) Writing.  YES, I AM STILL DOING THIS.  Not as much as I want to and need to, of course.  I spent a month editing my actualfax novel because it's going online soon.  I was shooting for June 1st, but it looks like July 1st is more rational as the website is being tweaked and I really need to edit the first book so I can repost it.  *endless blather, etc*  I also wrote an original story for the Goodreads writing fest - I'll link that puppy as soon as it goes up in June or July.  [ profile] arineat also wrote a LOVELY story with two adorable characters. 


1) Reading [ profile] jordan_c_price's new novel because of the cover and the title.  (She posted a cover teaser QUITE some time ago and I knew I was going to buy it the instant it hit the web.)  I'm on chapter seven and I'm already wanting to rescue her poor MC, WHY YOU GOTTA TORTURE THE POOR BOY LIKE THAT, JCP???  Also, his potential love interest has already hooked me hard and we don't even know his NAME yet.  He is incredibly mysterious and how about I just keep gushing about this book, m'kay?  NO SPOILERS, DYSON, STOPPIT.  Go get it, peoples.  HERE.

2) Glompfest.  I have about four paragraphs of my Glompfest fic written, but I already love it.  :D  I think there are more prompts open, so run over there and grab one, okay?  And friend the comm to follow the fest if you haven't.  CLICKY.

3) RECS.  I'm still pondering my next rec.  SO MANY FICS.  I'll try to post one today.

4) ANOTHER RANDOM THING.  After all the hoopla over LJ's SCRAPBOOK policy thing, I signed up for the "early move" and they shifted all 521 (!!!!!!!!) of my pics to the new whatever.  So far I haven't seen a single broken link and everything looks lovely, so... um, something they did is actually okay?  I don't know, but I used LJ almost exclusively for my photo storage (521 OMG) so I was flipping out a bit, but it looks like ALL IS WELL.  I hope.

5) Smoochfest.  We have MANY fics (and gorgeous art!) submitted and I need to buckle down and start reading and sorting.  Last year was the WRITE ALL THE WORDS epic fest, but it looks like most of them are coming in at a more manageable 10k to 20k so we won't break your brains with an inability to read ten million words.  LOL!  And the THEME this year has produced some awesome, awesome things, even with shorter word counts.  (Which isn't to say they are ALL shorter - BWAHAHA.)

6) The HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards (that is one bloody long title!).  Some lovely person nominated In Pieces for BEST ROMANCE and I can't even tell you how chuffed I am about that.  *beams*  Have a banner.  (I LOVE LEGOS!)

Overview FAQ / How to Vote

Voting period: May 1st - June 30th, 2012
Winners announced: by July 15th, 2012

7) The HP Podfic Fest - HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?  Everyone always has blanket permission to podfic my stuff, but now it's official on that site.  There can never be enough podfic.  If you're interested at all podficcing or having your fics read, go here!  (Have another banner.)
Let your fics be HEARD!!!
[ profile] hp_podfic_fest 2012

Banner by [ profile] ariannagray
Sign-up Here!!!

8) Will someone please stop me from redecorating my boys' houses on FB SIMS?  It's addicting as hell and takes HOURS that I should be writing.  Seriously, two hours wasted last night selecting new floors and wallpaper for Hugo's revised house.  I should be banned.  (I really want to add a second bathroom to Char's house because it's almost perfect but could really use a half-bath...)

There is probably more that I've forgotten, but I REALLY need to freaking write something, so I'll stop blathering and get back to that.  It's Cinco de Mayo and I HAVE TEQUILA!  WOOHOO!!!  (Not drinking it yet - it's only 8am.  Even I'm not that hardcore.)  XD

Was that enough babbling, GEEZ?  Oh and one more thing - do you prefer the spoiler cut or the actual LJ cut?  I'm lazy so when I'm reading I actually really like the spoiler cut when reading my f-list, since it opens right there and I don't have to go to a new window/tab.

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