Apr. 16th, 2012

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This fic sometimes edges into Number One when I'm in the mood.  For a fic to be on my FAVS list, it has to have what I like to call "key scenes".  These are those moments in the fic that you find yourself thinking about from time to time, the bits that had the most emotional impact for you. 

A Thousand Beautiful things had a number of those, but the key scenes in this fic seemed to have a bigger punch, for some reason.  I'm sometimes perplexed about why I like this so much, because it features a Draco that's far more campy than I'm comfortable with.  However, with that said, he's still very much DRACO and I love that she was able to take a concept I'm normally not into and make it work so well.  She also made me love Snape, which is quite a feat.  He is horrible and brilliant and perfect in this fic.  Whenever I think of this story, I always go back to the three key scenes that make it special for me - one of them is in the first sequel, which I consider to be the epilogue to the original and can't be missed.  It also has a lovely Auror Harry who is purely awesome.  The sequel contains my favourite fic quote of all time.  :D

Title: Tissue of Silver
Author: Fearless Diva
Rating: NC-17
Words: 76,000
Warnings: None
Linkagehttp://www.silververse.net/hp/hp.htm and the sequel: http://www.silververse.net/hp/seeing.htm
Alternate Link:  (If anyone knows of one, please to be letting me know.)

Draco Malfoy opened the door before Harry had a chance to knock. So Harry was standing there with his hand in the air like an idiot, and it was the first he'd seen Malfoy in a year and a half, and Malfoy looked especially pale and drawn, with dark purple circles under tired grey eyes like he'd been torturing himself for fun at night instead of sleeping. He wasn't wearing any shoes, which, despite the neat condition of his black day robes, made him look oddly dishevelled. Naturally the first thing out of Harry's mouth was, "Malfoy. You look like shit."

"And that's the ugliest shirt I've ever seen. Do come in and have some coffee, Potter."

Harry glanced down at the shirt under his Auror's robes in puzzlement. The salesgirl had sworn yellow was the new black. But Malfoy didn't linger to offer fashion tips and Harry followed him inside Malfoy Manor, wondering if this meeting was going to go as badly as he feared.

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