Mar. 25th, 2012

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I'm going to try to rec more so that I can share my favourite things with y'all.  I have no idea how I stumbled on this fic, since Beltane is not my favourite thing.  I think I was browsing a rec list looking for something else and was intrigued by the summary.  I DON'T EVEN KNOW.  It sat open on one of my fifty tabs for weeks and weeks and I finally read it last night via Procrastination 101.

ANYWAY, you know how sometimes you get cocky and think, "Hey, I'm not a bad writer!" and then you read a fic that makes you think, "Fuck, why can't I write like this?"  Yes, this is one of those.  Gorgeous and concise and hot and beautiful.  All in 9,000 words.  Both boys are just...  *insert all the hearts*

Here is the summary and the link to the fic.  GO READ!

Summary: Some things, you need to learn on the job.
Author's Note: Treacle-tartlet, you asked for: auror!fic, powerful!Harry, snarky!Draco, love-bites, urgent!sex, rampant sexual tension, spanking, and smut. Prompt words were: asparagus, cold beer, and ploughing. Um. I took that and wrote this. I am so, so sorry. At least it's been britpicked by an actual British person, as requested. :)

Sex Ed for Aurors


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