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Since I'm supposed to be feverishly working on my novel, of course my brain says, "LOLNO" and makes me write 8k of porn, instead.

*sigh*  At least it's wordstuff, right?  Oh well, I know this one is WAAAAAAAY overdue.  It also hasn't been even vaguely beta'ed, so please to be pointing out all inconsistencies and errors.  *deputizes all of you as betas*  BWAHAHAHA

Also, THANK YOU to everyone that game me lovely virtual cookies at Halloween!  *snuggles you all*  I forgot to mention that previously.  I love my v-gifts. :D  Anyway, ON TO THE FICCAGE.

A Not-So-Secret Pastime )

Yeah, this will need to be continued. *cough*
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WOOT!  I've been so productive today.  Too bad I can't bottle this and use it on the days I spent 9 hours watching You Tube instead of writing.

BUT I DIGRESS.  This was supposed to have been done by my birthday, but I was busy with Smoochfest for a few months.  DOH.  But I don't mind extending my birthday into another month, so here it is, finally, Part Four.  And no, it's not over.  This series might never end.  LOL!

A Seductive Pastime )
Oh yeah, and here is the link to the others, since no one will remember WTF was happening... :D

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PART THREE! A billion and ten thanks to [livejournal.com profile] byaghro for the super-rush awesome beta, and to [livejournal.com profile] micolerose  for fixing several dorkish lines.

Um... this one might need a warning. It's borderline hatesex, so it might be squicky in certain areas... Be prepared.

A Wicked Pastime )

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I'm not sure if I ever posted this on here, but this is a birthday fic I started for myself in 2007.  Every year I add to it and part three is nearly done!  WOOT!  It's a bit late, so I'm posting it on Draco's birthday instead of mine.  I'm starting with the first two parts as a refresher and while I wait for my precious beta to finish part three...

On to the porn!!!  Oh, some notes.  This is AU starting with Goblet of Fire.  There is no mention of Sirius and things skewed a bit after the Tri-Wizard Tournament.  When it comes to PWP, I don't like dealing with excessive plotlines, so I simplified.

Polyjuice Pastime )


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More porn therapy.  Actually, this was a present from myself to me.

Title: Polyjuice Pastime
Pairing: Harry/Harry, Draco/Draco (sort of)
Words: 3911
Disclaimer: The usual I don't own, JKR owns, yadda yadda.
Summary:  Harry is bored.  I thought about doing a polyjuice fic and tried to come up with something that had not been done 500 times.  I think it works.  This takes place right after Goblet of Fire, but the whole Crouch Jr. plot was foiled, so Voldemort did not return.  I love mangling that plotline.

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