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More boredom fic!  This one was too funny to resist and it's pretty much crack/PWP.  Thank you for the prompt, [livejournal.com profile] nimielle!  I hope you like it.  XD  Uber thanks to my poor, sickly [livejournal.com profile] byaghro for betaing this even when her brain is mush.  *snuggles*  EDIT:  The prompt asked for suspenders, which are NOT the same in the UK as the US, and she meant the things that hold up trousers and not stockings, and those are braces in the UK.  CONFUSING, I KNOW.

On Gryffindor's Sword )

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Yes, I know.  You thought I forgot about this.  WELL, I DIDN'T.  I was just busy with things.  *kicks holidays*

But it's baaaaaaack!  :D  You might need THIS to hack through the fluff.  I suppose that's a warning.  :D

Benevolence - Part Eight )

Keep those machetes handy.  XD

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Hi everyone!  I'm aliiiiiive!  Sorry this chapter has taken so long!  I spent one weekend visiting my mum (during which I discovered she actually READS my fics, so that was a bit of a O_______O moment, but I digress) and then last weekend was spent snogging pretty much ALL of my friends at the lovely Halloween party thrown by [livejournal.com profile] girljim and her excellent hubby, so that was brilliant but not conducive to writing ALL THE THINGS.

Anyway, this fic still refuses to actually END, so there will be MOAR.  On to the fic!  Please to be pointing out errors, since I did not actually read it over this time and probably called Kingsley "Kingsby" or something by mistake.


Benevolence Part Seven )

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I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSS.  :D  I'll try to answer comments today, but I HAS BEEN WRITINGS.  WOOT!  Oh hey, guess what?  THIS FIC ISN'T FINISHED YET.  That's a surprise, Y/Y?  *snickers*

ON TO THE PERMA-WIP...  Why, hullo thar, NC-17 rating.  I wondered where you'd got to...  :D :D :D


Benevolence Part Six )
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I have no idea how long this fic is going to be.  I said PLEASESTOP some time ago, but Draco just rolled his eyes and smirked and Harry grinned sheepishly.  THAT'S A BAD SIGN, ISN'T IT?  *frowny face of doom*  Anyway, on with the never-ending story...


Benevolence Part Five )

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I meant to post this yesterday, but I had to restock my wine supply.  PRIORITIES, I HAVE THEM.  This is still not beta-ed...


Benevolence Part Four )


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This fic has absolutely not been betaed in any way, so all mistakes are due to my own stupidity.  Please to be pointing out errors and/or inconsistencies.  Muchas gracias!


Benevolence Part Two )

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This was written as a bribefic for [livejournal.com profile] ementior, who has NINE BILLION WIPS that she needs to finish.  We've arranged an exchange system now.  A chapter for a chapter.  GOOD PLAN, Y/Y?  :D

Anyway, this is a WIP, because it was supposed to be 2k and somehow grew to 20k and STILL IS NOT DONE.  But I like it, so it will be.


*crosses fingers that lj cut works*
Benevolence )

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I thought I'd give everyone the first chapter before I leave town for the weekend. :D Enter: Harry! WOOOT!!!

Miss the beginning?  Start here: PROLOGUE


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This fic needs a bit of introduction.  First, this fic belongs to [livejournal.com profile] byaghro , who has been waiting patiently for TWO YEARS for me to finish it.  I KNOW, RIGHT?  And since today is her birthday I've decided to stop procrastinating.  I even commissioned cover art from [livejournal.com profile] draykonis , which everyone has already seen.  I'll be posting this in pieces because it's currently 80k and still not quite finished.  Without further babbling, I'll just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ESBY!  Loads of thanks to [livejournal.com profile] faithwood for the beta, because it's just wrong to make your beta beta her own fic.  :D




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I wrote two and I'm putting them up here so I can tag them properly.  YAY for tags!  I'm trying to use those, now, after three years of... not.

Amelioration Summary: Eight year fic. Harry and Draco return to school and everyone is so happy they start pranking each other until giant gingerbread men take over the school!!!!! Or something like that. I blame [livejournal.com profile] draykonis for the gingerbread men.

Praxis Summary: EWE ten years after the war fic. Not terribly happy, but I'm not that great at angst, so it's not really that angsty, either, even though I sort of kill off everyone Harry knows... But he makes cool things! And Draco is awesome! (I wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] novembersnow and if you haven't read her fics yet, OMG GO DO IT!!!)

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WOOT, it is a miracle!!!

A gozillion thanks to Esby for beta-ing this monster! Tons of uber loveage to [livejournal.com profile] byaghro !!! <3<3<3<3

Paradigm Chapter Thirteen )

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This one took forever. I think you'll see why. I'll be... hiding now. *grin*

Paradigm Chapter Eleven )

Chapter Twelve
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Sorry this took forever. There was a communication disconnect with precious beta [livejournal.com profile] byaghro . *luffs her*

Oh and [livejournal.com profile] faithwood beta-ed this, too because she is AWESOME.

Paradigm Chapter Ten )Chapter Eleven

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I know it's been a while since the last update! *hides* I hope it's worth the wait. *grin*

Paradigm Chapter Nine )

Chapter Ten
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This was formatting HELL!!! I'll fix it when I get a chance, sorry about the stupidity. A billionty of thanks to[livejournal.com profile] byaghro for the fab beta!!

Paradigm Chapter Eight )

Chapter Nine

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Did you think we forgot about Rentboy Draco while being sidetracked by pretty blond twins...?

Paradigm Chapter Seven )

Chapter Eight

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My lovely beta is being mauled by RL, but she still cranked out this chapter. Massive huggles and kisses to her!!! *squishes [livejournal.com profile] byaghro *

For the uninitiated:  Chapter One

Paradigm Chapter Six )

Chapter Seven

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