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HELLOOOOOOO, EVERYONE!!!!  REMEMBER ME?  *crickets*  Yeah, LJ has been pretty dead lately.  WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE??????  I assume most of you, like me, have had a recent LIFESPLOSION.  It's like an epidemic; everyone I know is ridiculously busy with just general LIFE THINGS.  School and kids and jobs and how-the-hell-can-we-squeeze-in-fandom-time???  I think those of us in the northern hemisphere are also spending as much time outside as possible before the hibernation period of winter begins.  I'm kind of looking forward to darkness and months of rain, seriously, because that's when I tend to cuddle up with the laptop and stop shuffling the kids from friends' to malls to school to appointments.  The girl will be DRIVING SOON, FINALLY.  Some people have that sadness/depression thing when their kids start growing up and get ready to leave the nest.  When mine were born I asked them, "When are you moving out?"  Every grownup milestone since then has been a celebration of ONE STEP CLOSER TO THEIR OWN APARTMENTS!  WOOOOHOOOOO!  I probably should have rethought that whole "motherhood" thing, but oh well.  It could also explain why my kids act more like my roommates than my children, BUT I DIGRESS LIKE A DIGRESSING THING THAT DIGRESSES.  *cough*

ON TO IMPORTANT MATTERS THAT MATTER.  Like [livejournal.com profile] hd_fan_fair.  GET OVER THERE AND START READING AND GIVE LOVESPLOSIONS TO THE AMAZING ARTISTS.  The art posted already is !!!!!  I haven't read the fics yet BUT I TOTALLY WILL. 

IMPORTANT THING THE SECOND:  THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Some of my co-conspirators and I had the brilliant idea of having an Secret Santa Exchange.  The idea is that anyone who wants to participate will throw their name in the pool.  I will randomly sort them out and hand out names, so each person will create one item for their giftee.  Here's the awesome part:  IT CAN BE ANYTHING AT ALL!  Fics, art, handmade crafts, food items, bracelets, smelling-good stuff, stick-figure drawings, ornaments, regional tourist items, postcards, etc.  It will be multi-fandom or no fandom, so don't feel left out if you're a lurking person who stumbled on this journal by accident.  :D  I'll be collecting the signup info at [livejournal.com profile] hd_seasons, so if you're not following that comm, DO IT NOW.  Addresses will be given only to your gifter, but if you're super-paranoid you can request only online items.  I'll probably keep it open until October 15th or so to give people time to make and mail stuff. 

There are MORE THINGS I need to blather about, but if I don't post this now it will be another week before I get to it.


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