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As I mentioned in my last maudlin post of woe, we had some AMAZING IDEAS come up at the convention when we were lamenting the inveitable time of parting from one another and crawling back to our regular lives and non-fandomy things.

And since some of them might seem crazy, I think it's only fitting to post them HERE.  So I have.  Feel free to comment, suggest, brainstorm, flail, or all things in between. 

Also, since one of the suggestions was having more meetups, etc, I am now pimping anyone and everyone's fandom meetups whenever they are suggested.

[livejournal.com profile] writcraft is hoping to plan two meetups, one in London and one in New York.  Details are HERE at her journal - it seems to be friend-locked, so if you have questions you can ask them here and she can point you to the correct place for discussion.  Feel free to also post your ideas and/or meetup suggestions at the Insaners community.  I think I got the posting permissions set to open.  *crosses finger*  I think [livejournal.com profile] phoenixacid is awake if there are technical difficulties.

*YAWNS*  I hate to post and SLEEP, but 4am is going to come bloody early tomorrow.  Off to bed!


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