Aug. 11th, 2012

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ACK!  It's been forever since I've done this because I'm a horrendous waffler and couldn't pick my next one.  And then I remembered I've been wanting to reread this one.  It's my fav of hers and probably always will be.  :D  THE PROBLEM with recs, I have discovered, is that I start skimming the fic to find a bit to use as a teaser, and then I get sucked in and read the entire damn thing.  Which I just did with this one.  Starting two days ago.  *facepalm*

Title: A Reckless Frame of Mind (and sequel!)
Author: lomonaaeren
Rating: R (sequel is NC-17)
Words: 54,000
Warnings: Suicidal behaviour (with a purpose)
Alternate Link:

Be warned that you cannot read this without reading the sequel, A Determined Frame of Mind, found here:

or here:
(That one is 100k, so prepare for some time investment.  IT'S WORTH IT.)

Why I love this:  I have such a THING for original magic and interesting, complex, or amazing spells and this one is a fucking doozy.  Even Hermione can't help because the spell itself keeps her from accepting that it's a spell.  (I have to admit I was forced to do a bit of "suspension of disbelief" there, because my personal head-canon would not allow Hermione to remain clueless about the spell for so long - she would never have been able to accept Harry's abrupt personality change, but since it was necessary for the progression of the fic, I had to go with it.)  Considering the sheer size and depth of this story, it's a miniscule thing to whinge about.

On to the amazingness.  DRACO.  *ALL THE HEARTS*  He is so very Draco at the beginning of this, utterly self-serving and determined to finally have something he can hold over Harry Potter.  And then there is HARRY.  *happy sigh*  Harry's desperation and is heart-wrenching, as is his near-brokenness that is so close to being complete.  Both of them are so incredibly strong - in completely different ways - that this fic pretty much defines why I love this pairing so much.  Harry is light and life and courage and pressing ahead despite all the odds, while Draco is subtlety and nuance and the unscrupulous utilisation of every possible advantage, yet with just as much determination as Harry possesses.  They complement each other so perfectly in this fic, I can't even.  I just love this story, okay?

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