Jun. 28th, 2012

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Hi everyone!  I have a special guest on my journal today for a super-sekrit announcement.  Without further adieu, I would like to welcome [livejournal.com profile] saras_girl.  I'm sure most of you already know her.  *grin*  I agreed to let her commandeer my journal because she's pretty sure a CERTAIN PERSON does not read my journal.  (Unbelievable, I know, but I suppose some people prefer to stay away from the insanity.)

Hello everyone. This is not my journal. I don’t belong here *looks around*


So, I suppose I should start by saying that this whole slightly odd thing I’m asking you to do is for Marie. For those of you who already know all about Marie, please forgive me. For those who don’t, this is Marie:

She is my partner in crime, my muse, and the thing that stops me from getting accidentally eaten by a shark whenever I have one of my strange episodes. She is the reason I continue to write, and, more often than not, the only person who can persuade me to finish a story when I’m convinced it’s rubbish. One way or another, I suppose, if you like my writing, you probably owe her a biscuit.

Anyway, the point is this – on 22nd September we are getting married, and I decided that what she’d really like as a wedding present [apart from the inevitable daft stuff I will end up buying] is some SLASH. Some wedding-related slash. Some lovely, HP, fluffy, weddingy slash.

Which is where you lovely people come in. Essentially, what I’m hoping to do is collect as many wee stories as I can, so that when we go on our honeymoon, I can spring them on her and hopefully make her smile. Because she is lovely, and she loves H/D, and she deserves it. I realise I could just write one long story myself [and perhaps I will, if I have time] but once I had this idea I got too overexcited to ignore it. I realise I’m asking you to spend time doing something for me, and I do feel a bit guilty about that, but I’m going to ask anyway, because sometimes you have to make an eejit of yourself for the person you love.

So, old beans, will you take part in Marie’s Super-Sekrit Wedding Mini-Fest?

- Stories should be ANY LENGTH. Tiny wee drabbles will be loved, War and Peace-length epics will be loved, and anything in between. Artses of ANY KIND will be loved.

- Stories/artses should have something to do with weddings. They could be about an actual wedding, or wedding planning, or a proposal, or anything like that. It could be Harry and Draco’s, or Ron and Hermione’s, or anyone’s, in fact, as long as it doesn’t mess with those two pairings, because I think that would make her confused and frowny.

- All Foundations!verse, Turn!verse, etc, original characters are available for use, should you want to include them.

- And, erm... in case this wasn’t apparent, it’s probably best if no one dies. Might bring down the mood a bit, I reckon.

There’s just under three months to go, and it would make Marie [and me!] so disgustingly happy if you’d scribble something down for us. I’m posting here so that Marie doesn’t accidentally stumble across it, but you can message me on LJ or email me at n_stawarski@hotmail.com if you want to rant at me, ask me questions, or send me anything lovely :) After the wedding, I will post all the stories and things on my journal so that everyone can read them [or not, if you don’t want me to, but we can work that out later.]

Hope this hasn’t been too presumptuous. Huge hopeful, sparkly squishes to all <3

Thanks for having me, Cheryl!

Nat x

So, there you have it!  I know many of you have felt the epic levels of GUH from reading the Foundations!verse and here is your chance to show just how much.  I AM EXCITE!!!  :D :D :D  Also, sorry to have been quiet for so long, but SMOOCHFEST.  And GLOMPFEST.  And ALL THE THINGS.  I shall return!  *quick hugs before running off again*


EDIT!!!!  THE WEDDING THEME IS AUTUMN!!!!   Also, if you think you have no talent (or simply have no TIME) you can send postcards or well wishes to me and I will forward them all in a big bundle so they don't trickle in and make someone suspicious.  BWAHAHAHA  Hmmm, I hope the post doesn't take a billion years.  I should probably mail by mid-August just to be safe, yes?


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